Master Shot List

What can you expect?

How Long Will This take?

What is the progression of what I will shoot?

Where do I start? 


The following list is a Master Shot List with an idealized number of images developed over time (and mistakes) to shoot for various homes. Every home is different however there is a logical progression that is helpful to follow. This is generally the order of the shoot and also the order of the presentation of the finished images. There are exceptions of course. each home has specific features and special characteristics. My hope is that this Master Shot List will serve as a guide and a help to the REALTOR/Home Owner to know what to expect during the shoot and in the delivered images. Of course, your input on  features of the home is welcome and needed.

2268 Lower-42268 Lower-4


1-2   Exterior Wide Front-All Front in Frame. This is most times the primary marketing image. It will be what every potential buyer will associate your listing with in their mind and home search. 

1-2   Front Angle: An additional front view from an angle that may show the footprint or access to the more favorably.

1     Front Walk-up: Features the approach up to the entrance.

1     Front Entrance: Designed to welcome the buyer into the home and to feature grand entrances. Possibly open doors.

2-3 Backyard: Goal of showing space, features, gathering areas, and relationship and to residence.

1-4 Any other features or exterior structures.

The KitchenThe Kitchen Interiors

1   Entrance and Foyer

1-3 Main Living Area: Focus on space, views, features and relationship to connecting elements.

1-2 Family Room: Focus on space, views, features and connecting elements.

2-3 Kitchen: Most likely the most important shots in the house. Focus on space, features, fixtures and connecting elements.

1-2 Casual Dining: Focus on space, views, features and connecting elements.

1-2 Formal Dining: Focus on space, views, features and connecting elements.

2-3 Master Bedroom: Focus on space, views, features and connecting elements.

1-4 Master Bath: Focus on space, features and connecting elements.

1    Master Closet: (If warranted) Focus on space and features. 

2-6 Guest Bedroom(s): 2 Images per room focussing on space and features.

1-4 Guest Bathroom(s): Focus in space and features.

1-3 Any additional Living Areas: Focus on space, views, features and connecting elements.

1    Laundry Room: (If warranted).

2-4 Detail Shots: Artistic approach to special quality features, brand names, unique selling points.

40 Fort Scott-7240 Fort Scott-72

Aerial Images

3-6 Wide Angle Aerials: Designed for situational awareness with identification of subject and local landmarks.

2-6 Subject Property Aerials: Highlighting features, views, and architectural design favorable from elevated views.