Have you ever wondered if professional real estate photography is really worth the cost? Industry leaders seem to think so. Read more below and see how using professional real estate photography for your listings can super-charge your realty career

Eight Shocking Truths About Professional Real Estate Photography In & How It Affects Everything

Let's start off with a few simple statistics about professional real estate photography in that might shock you.
  • homes listed with professional photography sell 32% faster.
  • homes with professional photography sell on average for 9% more money.
  • The average ROI on professional real estate photography in is 826%
  • homes listed with more than 20 photos spend 32 days less on the market.
  • Clients feel 43% more satisfied with their REALTOR with professional photos
  • 50% of all new home searches for real estate start online.
  • Professional photos result in 1,200% increase in social shares
  • 68% of consumers say that great photos made them want to visit the home


Take it from the pro’s in the industry who list hundreds of homes every year. Professional photography for a listing is an absolute must. From selling your listing an average of 32% faster, to 68% of consumers feeling that great photos were the primary reason that they visited a home, professional real estate photography for your property returns its cost to you on average 8 times what you spent for a professional photographer to shoot your listing.



Sell Homes 32% Faster With Professional Real Estate Photography

Having a professional real estate photographer photograph your listing can make a huge difference in the amount of time that your clients home spends on the market.

listings with professional photography will spend approximately 32% fewer days on the market, taking the average time to sell a home from 123 days to less than 90 days! According to analysis from NAR, the average DOM for a listing was cut by nearly five full weeks when that listing was photographed by a professional real estate photographer.

In today’s market of swipe-left, swipe-right, striking photos have never been more important. Today’s time-crunched, online home buyers often resort to performing their search online for their new home, and are intrigued by bright, high-quality photography that a professional real estate photographer can provide. The online experience when accompanied by fabulous photos speeds up the buying cycle, and shortens the amount of time your listing spends on the market by almost one-third.


Sell Your Homes For 9% More $$$ With Professional Realty Phototgraphy


How would you like to put an additional $743 to $2041 dollars more in your pocket with every single transaction?

Did you know that homes with professional photography sell on average 9% higher than those homes not listed with professional photography?

Sales of 15% over-listing price are not uncommon when the home is listed with photos from a professional photographer. That means that on an average home of $226,747, your listing could sell for an additional $34,469! That’s an extra $2,041 per transaction!

When you consider that the average REALTOR lists 6 homes per hear, that’s over $12,000 per year in extra revenue just from having professional photography for your listing.

Cash is king when it comes to real estate transactions, and nothing returns money to your pocket like professional photography can. When you consider just the fact that homes sell for around 9% more money with professional real estate photography than without, it’s easy to see how whipping out the ole cell phone to shoot your clients home may not be the best answer to maximizing profits from the sale. For yourself, or for your clients.


The Average ROI On Your Professional Real Estate Photography Is A Whopping 826%


When you consider that professional real estate photography for your listing can earn you an extra $2,041 on a single transaction, and the average real estate photography session costs just $247, the return on investment reaches a massive 826%. Rarely, if ever, anywhere else can you reach those kinds of ROI percentages with so little investment.

When you consider the indirect ROI of using professionals to photograph your listings, your return on investment can be almost immeasurable. Very often home sellers will base their decision to hire a Realtor based on how the Realtor represented the home “down the street”, and those representations start with the photos that the home seller finds online.

No matter what kind of advertising campaign you are considering for your listings, having professional photographer shoot your property is an absolute must.


The Number Of Photos On Your Listing Makes A Big Difference


Did you know that the number of photos on your listing can have a dramatic effect on how many days your listing stays un-sold?

A listing with 20 or more professionally shot photos will spend an average of 32 fewer days on the market than a home with photos shot by the Realtor, or non-professional photographer.

Many of the MLS search systems prioritize things like the number of photos that you have on your listing. So, if you have 20 photos on your listing, and the Realtor who has a very similar property has 25 photos, the other Realtor’s listing is likely to get a higher priority boost from MLS search systems than yours.

Other metrics like “bounce” rates which is determined by how much time someone spends looking at your listing can also dramatically affect where your listing shows up in the MLS search ranking. To put it simply, if a person searching for homes spends 1 minute looking at your listing, and 5 minutes looking at the listing from the other Realtor for a property down the street, the search engine algorithm will make assumptions about who to put first in the ranking next time. The search engine will assume that the home someone spent 5 minutes looking at is more interesting than the property someone spent 1 minute looking at, and will adjust the search rankings accordingly.

Clearly, having more photos to look at can dramatically affect “bounce” rates. The more photos you have, the more likely someone is to spend time looking at your listing, and of course, when those photos are shot by a professional real estate photographer, you are going to maximize “eyeball time”, and increase your ability to get those top-ranking positions on MLS, and other search engines like Google.


Clients Feel 43% More Satisfied With Their Realtor When They Use A Professional Real Estate Photographer

One of the best ways to impress your client is to use a professional real estate photographer for your listing photos.

A professional photographer will ensure that you’re getting the kinds of photos that represent the home in top fashion.

While there are many other good reasons to love your Realtor, here are some of the top reasons why your clients might feel more confident, and satisfied with you as their Realtor when you use a professional real estate photographer.

1.) Professional images attract more buyers and are more engaging.
The better the quality of image you use for your real estate listing, the more attention they will get on MLS listing sites. Studies have demonstrated that professional real estate photography will generate more interest in the property, and can dramatically increase clicks by as much as 150%. The more buyers you attract, the happier your client will be during the selling process. The typical home seeker will spend an additional 2 minutes longer looking at a home that has professional photography v.s. one that doesn’t. Two minutes may not sound like much, but in the world of “swipe left… swipe right” that can make all the difference in selling that home, and not.

2.) The home will sell almost 5 weeks faster with photos taken by a professional real estate photographer.
When you list a home with professional photography, studies have proven, and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) agrees that homes sell markedly faster when they are listed with professional photos.

3.) Professional photos will make the home seem more appealing.
When a buyer is searching for a new home in , 51% of them start their search on the internet. Nothing could be more important than photos are when building “curb appeal” via an electronic screen. Before the buyer reads the first line of a description, or many times even looks at the price, the photo has to capture their imagination. Professional photography does that exceptionally well. When a potential buyer arrives at the home and comments on how much they loved the online photos, your clients will undoubtedly feel more satisfied with their choice for their realty professional.


50% Of All New Home Searches Start Online Where Photos Matter The Most

In the modern world of “swipe left… swipe right”, listing photography has never been more important than it is today.

The new, more tech-savvy generation of home buyers relies very heavily on the internet for their search. Gone are the days of photo albums, and sitting in an office to find that perfect home.

Now, it’s the internet...thumbs...and photos that capture the imagination of the prospective home buyer, and puts them into the home before they’ve called the first realty professional.

With search resources like Realtor.comZillow.comTrulia.com, and USHomeHub.com to help them search out their perfect home, professional photography is leaned upon more than ever to grab the attention of the home browser, and turn them into a home BUYER.

The 2008 Profile Of Home Buyers & Sellers published by the National Association of Realtors stated that eighty-seven percent of home buyers who searched for a home on the internet found the photos to be the most useful feature of any listing sites. Let’s stop and think about that for just a moment… forget about the whiz-bang financial calculators, or the tools that help you find the right schools, or the ease of loan application… THE MOST INFLUENTIAL TOOL WAS PHOTOS!

Considering that statistics, and the power of photos, it’s easy to see why having a professional photographer shoot your listing photos has become a main-stay of the best real estate agents in

Showcasing a home with professional real estate photography, and video have proven to have the capability to stop a potential buyer in their tracks, and give those listings the time and consideration they deserve.

When surveyed, home owners who were considering a long-distance move almost exclusively chose homes that were represented by the best real estate photography. The better the photography, the more likely they were to put the home on their list of potential homes for their big move. That’s the power of professional real estate photography.



Professional Photos Result In A 1,200% Increase In Social Shares

The power of the internet cannot be understated when talking about social shares, and how they can effect sales of real estate.

On Facebook alone, there were over 153 Million shares of real estate listings in 2018, and of those that were shared by multiple people 94.3% had professional photography. What does this mean? It means that if your listing has professional real estate photography, then you are much more likely to have your listing shared on social media.

Let’s take a look at social shares via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, and Pinterest.


  • Twitter: Real estate related tweets regarding real estate listings were over 67 million of which 63.5 million featured professional photography
  • YouTube: Real estate related videos uploaded to YouTube were over an estimated 76 million. While some videos featured amateur photography, an estimated 69 million of the videos posted and shared contained photos shot by professional real estate photographers.
  • Instagram: Real estate related posts shared on Instagram reached a whopping 43 million photos that resulted in over 321 million shares worldwide. Instagram reports that of the 321 million shares, 93.9% of those photos shared, and liked multiple times were shot by professional real estate photographers.
  • Pinterest: Here is where professional real estate photography really shines. Of the posts that were "pinned", 97.5% of those photos were taken by professional photographers.
  • Facebook: It appears that Facebook is the undisputed king of social sharing where real estate is concerned. At almost 153 million real estate related posts, of which 87.1% of those that were shared or liked multiple times were represented by professional real estate photography, Facebook delivers real punch to any listing sales effort.